Old Bricks

Port Building


Put down the tools

No work today

Time has moved on

The skills have faded away

Years go by

Old men remember like it was yesterday

Soon they disappear

Memories and story’s taken away

If only the old bricks

Could stay


21 thoughts on “Old Bricks

  1. LOVELY poem! Here in Horst , NL all the homes are made of brick with new being constructed to assimilate the old all the time. I love brick and this neat and tidy little village. Soon to do an architectural post .

    • I will look forward to it Kathryn, I love the old architecture
      you just don’t see the workmanship anymore.

      Thanks again


    • Thanks Lisa and the Bear, Its great to see these old buildings still here. Take care

      🙂 Mike

    • I bet they would have some great stories to tell !
      Thanks for your comment Robert much appreciated
      🙂 Mike

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