urban environment


My second attempt at Street Photography, and I Learnt a lot

Focusing and shutter speed very important, as I came home with quite a few blurry Photographs.

You have to be very quick or the moment escaped you, you have to be brave and and just go for it.

I did love it though so I will try again



Bowler Hat 2




Here is another of my Photographs from Paris.

Edited with Lightroom and then Silver Fx pro to convert in Black & White

I love the Light in between the columns and the B & W adds to the atmosphere of the Photograph.

Your Move


My first attempt at a bit of Street Photography

Its a little nerve racking when you are pointing a camera at someone.

Just waiting for that shout ( Hey what are you doing) but no one seemed to notice !!

so I think I will try it again.

The Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge


Bringing a dull photograph back to life,

you love the shot you believe you have good composition but the day is a little dull.

This is where post processing comes in, don’t be afraid to crop your image for a better composition.

Using exposure and adding temperature to the image can bring a dull photograph back to life.


The Millennium Bridge 2


Original shot