Affinity Photo Microworld Tutorial

Hi everyone this tutorial is how to create a Microworld in Affinity Photo inspired by Benny productions. I take 3 different photos and create this LightHouse Microworld. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and come up with some Microworlds of your own. I would love to see what you all create.


Affinity Photo Composite Tutorial (Run to the Moon)

Hi Everyone this is my latest tutorial for Affinity Photo full composite (Run to the Moon) I take 4 photographs and blend them together to make one composite. I include some techniques for cutting out the tree from the background. There are also some other tips and tricks you might find interesting, I hope you enjoy the tutorial..Mike

Affinity Photo Full Composite Tutorial. The Dream

Hi everyone this week I have another full composite tutorial for you. I take six different Photo’s and blend them together to create the picture I am calling the dream. There are a few tips and tricks in this Video to help you create and blend all the different photos together. I hope you enjoy this Tutorial using Affinity photo….Mike