Old Bricks

Port Building


Put down the tools

No work today

Time has moved on

The skills have faded away

Years go by

Old men remember like it was yesterday

Soon they disappear

Memories and story’s taken away

If only the old bricks

Could stay


Star of Greece

Wilunga Beach

The remains of the Star of Greece, a three masted, iron cargo ship wrecked at Port Willunga in 1888

I have been wanting to Photograph this wreck for along time and finally got the chance this week.

It was fantastic being there for the sunset over the wreck and was just and amazing experience, anyone wanting to read more about the history of the Star of Greece can find it here



Steamer Excelsior-2


Walking around Mutton Cove South Australia

The Screw steamer Excelsior was built in 1897 by Gourlay Brothers of Dundee, Scotland.

The steel hulled vessel measured 131.0 feet (39.9 m) in length, 24.0 feet (7.3 m) breadth, 10.8 feet (3.3 m) depth and was 310 gross tons.

Steamer Excelsior Overlay


Ghostly Overlay of what the Screw Steamer may have looked back in 1897

Steamer Excelsior2-2

Steamer Excelsior3-2


Mutton Cove is an isolated and desolate area on the tip of the LeFevre Peninsula just 23 kilometres north west of Adelaide. It consists mainly of saltmarsh and is bounded by the sea and land


Saw Works



Present and Future

Time fades




(Adelaide City secret discovery Compton St. Edited Gimp 2.8)

(Copied from the plaque  on the Building)

This small building was originally built as a house

By Edward Moore in 1871. A shopfront was added by the next owner,

baker Mathew Madge, in 1898-99.

Bert Edwards, one of Adelaide’s most colourful and notable citizens,

opened a tea room here in 1913.

It was immensely popular, particularly on Friday nights when the rear of the shop was used for the playing the then illegal game of two-up.





Quietly you stand

Circle of three

Thousands of years

Your secrets kept away

Are you ready to tell?

I am listening


(Photograph taken at Avebury Henge around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, in southwest England. small amount editing in Photoshop)