How I Created the Creature (Affinity Photo)

Hi Everyone this weeks tutorial is a follow up from last weeks tutorial the Deep. In this tutorial I show you how I created the creature, adding extra tentacles and blending them together.Using the mesh warp tool to manipulate the tentacles in to place, and creating the illusion that they are wrapped around the sub. Reclouring the creature and turning the eye red, and finally adding a shadow to give the creature some depth. ….thanks for watching if you would like to support my channel you can do that here Also you will find lots of free extras on the buymeacoffee site too.


Affinity Photo Under water Composite ( THE DEEP)

HI Everyone this weeks Tutorial is an underwater composite THE DEEP 8 different photo’s blend together to create an underwater fantasy composite. Using Blend modes, exposure adjustments and lots of other techniques, I show you how you can create these types of photos, with step by step instructions that you can follow. I hope you enjoy the Tutorial