Old Bricks

Port Building


Put down the tools

No work today

Time has moved on

The skills have faded away

Years go by

Old men remember like it was yesterday

Soon they disappear

Memories and story’s taken away

If only the old bricks

Could stay


The Walker

The Walker

Unaffected by disturbance

Calming is the pace

Thoughts unscrambled

Tranquility fills the space

Embracing self possession

Belonging to a place

The Walker



Bound together

The mortar that hold true

Warning as you Approach

Ruts appear

Always moving

Preventing cracks

The stone

The Mortar

Bound forever


Goolwa Door


Enclosing all

Of part or past thats best left behind,

Opening all

To opportunities that may be beyond

A barrier protecting both before and after

A metaphor

Or just a



Abandoned School

Something Happened here !

Years gone by

Time fades all the memories

Flashes of a past

To decayed to recall

Once high spirits filled this space

Now only silence to take its place

The faces of the past all faded to grey

The memories of this place have all been taken away.

Abandoned School 2

From Wikipedia

 Haikyo (廃虚) (literally “abandoned place”)


High and Dry

You go without taking

My state remains the same

 helpless without you



Return me to you

in you I belong

The  tides  at St Michaels Mount
The Tides are caused by the action of the heavenly bodies, principally the sun and the moon. When they are in line with the earth the attraction is multiplied, announcing spring tides, this corresponds with the period of highest tides ; on the contrary, if the sun and the moon form a right angle (in quadrature), the attraction is reduced and we are in neap tides, the period of lowest tidal movement

St Audries

St Audries Church

Sacred words spoken

Two become one


A beacon of light

Shining in the darkest times

Lighting the way



The parish church of St. Etheldreda (also known as St. Audries) is situated on the outskirts of the village, close to the village hall and the wedding centre (formerly the Manor House), which provides the church with a fair number of weddings and blessings.