Steamer Excelsior-2


Walking around Mutton Cove South Australia

The Screw steamer Excelsior was built in 1897 by Gourlay Brothers of Dundee, Scotland.

The steel hulled vessel measured 131.0 feet (39.9 m) in length, 24.0 feet (7.3 m) breadth, 10.8 feet (3.3 m) depth and was 310 gross tons.

Steamer Excelsior Overlay


Ghostly Overlay of what the Screw Steamer may have looked back in 1897

Steamer Excelsior2-2

Steamer Excelsior3-2


Mutton Cove is an isolated and desolate area on the tip of the LeFevre Peninsula just 23 kilometres north west of Adelaide. It consists mainly of saltmarsh and is bounded by the sea and land


32 thoughts on “Excelsior

  1. … love the effect of the overlay. The photo has all the ‘pull’ of an oil study – and I bet it would make a good painting.

    • Yes I wanted to get out there for awhile so it was good to finally see her.
      Thanks for your great comment much appreciated


    • Wow John, I tried serching for an original picture, so thank you very much it is great to see her under steam and very sad to see it in its current state.
      Thank you also for your great comment very much appreciated


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