Abandoned School

Something Happened here !

Years gone by

Time fades all the memories

Flashes of a past

To decayed to recall

Once high spirits filled this space

Now only silence to take its place

The faces of the past all faded to grey

The memories of this place have all been taken away.

Abandoned School 2

From Wikipedia

 Haikyo (廃虚) (literally “abandoned place”)


17 thoughts on “Haikyo

    • Hi AJ
      Thank you so much for your very kind comment and concern.
      Hopefully I will be making time for some photography today. Time slips away without us noticing sometimes.
      Take care my good friend

      • Thank you so much dear Mike
        as you are not posting I noticed that
        I missed your beautiful posts and words
        wish to see you posting soon dear

        Take care dear

        thank you

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