Affinity Photo Full Composite (Mythical Owl)

Hi everyone my new Tutorial is now live.

In this tutorial I show you how I created the Mythical owl, using armour to create the wings and the helmet. I use the Mesh warp tool to manipulate them all in to place. Then I go on to show you how I create the background image to place the Owl and complete the composite. I hope you enjoy the Tutorial, I have lots of tips for you to use in your own composites.


2 thoughts on “Affinity Photo Full Composite (Mythical Owl)

  1. I found pretty ingenious (and quite helpful) your technique to make the two sides of the owl face symmetrical. Same thing for the wings.
    And, as usual, I was astounded by the amazing patience you display in the creation of such composites. Myself, I always feel frustrated when I do not produce a masterwork in one hour or less. Obviously, I still have much to learn.

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