Affinity Photo-The Last of Us Composite

Hi everyone (it’s been awhile) I have finally finished another composite tutorial.

This one is loosely based on the popular TV show ( The Last Of Us) It has some tips and tricks you can use in your own composites using Affinity Photo. This one is all done in Affinity Photo 2.

Thanks Mike W 


Affinity Photo Composite- Lost at Sea

i everyone I hope you had a great start to 2023, I have my first tutorial now live for this new and exciting year. 

In this tutorial I make a composite I call lost at sea, using solid colour layers to set the mood of the picture. I think you will find some useful tips and techniques that you will be able to take and use in your own composites.

Affinity Photo I-Pad V2 Composite

Hi everyone This is the I-Pad version of my tutorial  ( Dark Angel) Using version 2 of Affinity Photo for iPad
I go through, how I create a composite, adding each image and then adding all the adjustments and highlights To create the final image.
I have recorded this with an overhead view, so you can see everything that I am doing. (there is a small amount of reflection on the screen, I hope its not too distracting.

Affinity Photo Full Composite (Mythical Owl)

Hi everyone my new Tutorial is now live.

In this tutorial I show you how I created the Mythical owl, using armour to create the wings and the helmet. I use the Mesh warp tool to manipulate them all in to place. Then I go on to show you how I create the background image to place the Owl and complete the composite. I hope you enjoy the Tutorial, I have lots of tips for you to use in your own composites.

Affinity Photo Tutorial composite (Welcome to the Jungle)

Hi everyone new composite tutorial now live, Affinity Photo (welcome to the jungle)

This composite focuses on creating depth in your composites and shows you how to achieve this.

Also using exposure and bleeding modes to create highlights. I also show you how to create your own light rays to make you composite stand out. I hope you enjoy the tutorial

Affinity Photo Epic Fantasy Composite (Tutorial)

Hi Everyone this is my latest tutorial, a fantasy composite. With a hidden world and a spell casting wizard. Lots of tips and idea’s for your own composites, using exposure and recolour to make highlights. Adding atmosphere with adjustments layers and overlays to create a magical world, I hope you enjoy it.