Adelaide Street View

Adelaide Hindley

Architecture & People.

Adelaide Street Photography



21 thoughts on “Adelaide Street View

  1. Really, really like this series Mike. The architecture shots are right up my alley, and I think my fave people shot is the one with the seated guy smoking.

    Great series.

    • Thanks Shane
      Yes the look on the ladies face looking at the guy is priceless. I was amazed at how many of these hookah cafe’s are popping up very popular

      Thanks again

  2. I love the look you captured on that woman’s face as the smoke comes out of the man’s face. 🙂 Classic moments caught on film. 🙂 As always, perfect photos, Mike!!! I hope you are doing well!!! Have a great weekend!!

    • Thanks Skye
      The look says it all.
      All well here winter has arrived here in Adelaide,up early to watch the world cup Australia V Chile 🙂 Have a grey weekend also.

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