Adelaide City Scape

Adelaide CityScape

Adelaide CityScape

 11 shots F16, 15 seconds and then merged together in the

new Lightroom 6 Panorama feature


Burning Sky

Airport Sunset

Looking out of my Office Window Tonight towards the Control Tower and the Sky was on Fire.

I had to snap a quick shot with my Iphone hence it has a bit of noise.

The colours where just stunning though.

Goodbye Paris

The Musée du Louvre Night


Well Paris has come to and end so I thought I would leave it with The Louvre courtyard at night.

Thank you to Everyone for all your fantastic comments I have really enjoyed them.

Royal Liver Building

LiverBirds Liverpool

Albert Dock1


Two More Pictures from around Liverpool City and Albert Dock.

You Can see the Royal Liver Building in the distance with the Clock Face.

The Clock Face is actually bigger than Big Ben’s in London and I Have recently found out that my Mothers Grandfather

participated in the Lunch around the Clock Face before it was put in place . You can see the picture ref3906

on the Website. here (

From Wikipedia,

The Royal Liver Building /ˈlvər/ is a Grade I listed building located in LiverpoolEngland. It is sited at the Pier Head and along with the neighbouringCunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building is one of Liverpool’s Three Graces, which line the city’s waterfront. It is also part of Liverpool’s UNESCOdesignated World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City.

Opened in 1911, the building is the purpose-built home of the Royal Liver Assurance group, which had been set up in the city in 1850 to provide locals with assistance related to losing a wage-earning relative. One of the first buildings in the world to be built using reinforced concrete, the Royal Liver Building stands at 90 m (300 ft) tall. It was the tallest storied building in Europe from completion until 1934 and the tallest in the United Kingdom until 1961. The Royal Liver Building is now however only the joint-fourth tallest structure in the City of Liverpool, having been overtaken in height by West TowerRadio City Tower and Liverpool Cathedral.

Today the Royal Liver Building is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the city of Liverpool and is home to two fabled Liver Birds that watch over the city and the sea. Legend has it that were these two birds to fly away, then the city would cease to exist.

Albert Dock

Liverpool Eye


Liverpool Dock1


Visiting Liverpool at the moment staying at the Albert Dock.

A couple of Pictures from last Nights Walk.

From Wikipedia

The Albert Dock is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses in LiverpoolEngland. Designed by Jesse Hartley and Philip Hardwick, it was opened in 1846, and was the first structure in Britain to be built from cast iron, brick and stone, with no structural wood. As a result, it was the first non-combustible warehouse system in the world