Second Valley Coast

Coast line looking back towards the Second Valley Jetty.

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Old Jetty

abandoned Jetty BW

Walking around Port Adelaide (14KM from the Main Adelaide CBD) you will find lots of disused Jetty’s and Buildings. They Make for some interesting Photography. To read more about port Adelaide check Wikipedia here

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Henley Beach Jetty

Henley Jetty

Some experimenting today, using a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter from Nisi and also a ND8 09 reversed Graduated Filter from a company called 84.5.

Taken at 3pm in quite harsh sunlight, I am not completely happy with the result but it may just that I need a little more practise using the filters. I was getting some vignette in the top left hand corner and a slight magenta colouring.

Something to think about next time !

I was using a Fuji-film Xt1 with 1824mm Lens at F16 and 5 seconds

Jetty Re-worked

Jetty Reworked

Port Adelaide Jetty

Port Adelaide Jetty

This is one of my favorite Photographs, and I thought I would see what it looks like

re worked in Black & White.

I wanted to get a moodier picture and maybe a bit more dramatic.

I used Silver FX pro to process and add the grainy effect.

I wanted a pin Hole effect, darkening the edges,

drawing the eye straight down the Jetty then up in to the clouds.

Your Thoughts ?

Jetty Black & White

Jetty B&W

The Jetty in B&W
for the Monochrome Madness Challenge ( see Leanne Cole and Laura Macky ) They host the

Monochrome Maddness challenge each week and Leanne and Laura Publish the challenge on a Wednesday morning.

 and it is well worth checking out if you are in to Photography.

if you wish to participate see Leanne’s Site above for all the info.