In the RED

We are at it again………Check out the Red House Cafe in Adelaide Australia and a little bit more SkateBoard Madness

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Henley Sunset

Sunset People

Beautiful Night at Henley Beach South Australia

Just before 8:30 Pm as the sun was about to slip in to the Ocean

The Days are getting Longer , Summer is Here

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Henley Beach Jetty

Henley Jetty

Some experimenting today, using a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter from Nisi and also a ND8 09 reversed Graduated Filter from a company called 84.5.

Taken at 3pm in quite harsh sunlight, I am not completely happy with the result but it may just that I need a little more practise using the filters. I was getting some vignette in the top left hand corner and a slight magenta colouring.

Something to think about next time !

I was using a Fuji-film Xt1 with 1824mm Lens at F16 and 5 seconds







Relationship Luminous

Response defined

Light captured


(Pictures From this morning at 6am Henley Beach, colour and B & W .

I tried some long exposures again between 5 and 8 seconds, it was pretty dark whey  I got there

so I am happy how they turned out.)



Once on land

Cast in to the sea

Taken by tides



Henley Beach (Edited Photoshop with small colour adjustment and noise reduction then cropped to reduce dead space)