The Bells

Mission San Juan Capistrano

A Spanish mission in Southern California founded 1776

 If you change an image are you being true or distorting reality ?

For me it’s about what I see and how I interpret it sort of a vision, sometimes I get it right and others incredibly wrong.

What are your thoughts ?

Mission Bells Before

Mission Bells Before

This is the original shot of the Bells



For this post I thought I would venture beyond the travel theme and show some of the Photo restorations I have worked on.  I was inspired to do this by Leanne Coles Post  ReWorking Something from the Past .Reading and seeing Leanne’s post has inspired me to do this as I would not normally show my work to anyone but family and friends. I will say I am by no means an expert or professional, I do this as a small hobby and I get a lot of satisfaction when it works,so thank you Leanne for the inspiration. If you have time please check out Leanne’s Blog you will be glad you did.