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Edinburgh Calton Hill

Dugald Stewart Monument

View of  Edinburgh  from Calton Hill

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Dugald Stewart Monument is a memorial to the Scottish philosopher Dugald Stewart (1753–1828). It is situated on Calton Hill overlooking Edinburghcity centre and was completed in August 1831.

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The National Monument

From Wikipedia,

The monument dominates the top of Calton Hill, just to the east of Princes Street. It was designed during 1823-6 by Charles Robert Cockerell andWilliam Henry Playfair and is modelled upon the Parthenon in Athens. Construction started in 1826 and, due to the lack of funds, was left unfinished in 1829. This circumstance gave rise to various nicknames such as “Scotland’s Disgrace”, “Edinburgh’s Disgrace”, “the Pride and Poverty of Scotland”, “Tait’s Folly” and “Edinburgh’s Folly”.