DJI Spark Adventure Mode

This weeks Video is all about Gull Rock.Come and join the Adventure to a beautiful place along the South Australia coast line. I get to fly the Dji Spark ….Come and Check it Out. My You Tube Channel can be found Here:




Moody Hallett Cove

One of the Photo’s I took on my adventure to Hallett Cove in South Australia. I used a Fuji-film XT1 with a 10 Stop filter to get that misty look in the water. (ISO 200, 24mm, F20, 10sec exposure)


Hi everyone, Today I discovered some ShipWrecks in a Place called Garden Island in South Australia. Come and Join me on this adventure as I fly the DJI Spark and check out the Wrecks. Also come and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I try to upload a new Video each week.

Best laid Plans

New Video for this week, Just a short one, time got the better of me and the weather has been absolutely terrible here in Adelaide.

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