Affinity Photo-The Last of Us Composite

Hi everyone (it’s been awhile) I have finally finished another composite tutorial.

This one is loosely based on the popular TV show ( The Last Of Us) It has some tips and tricks you can use in your own composites using Affinity Photo. This one is all done in Affinity Photo 2.

Thanks Mike W 


2 thoughts on “Affinity Photo-The Last of Us Composite

  1. Glad to see you back with another brillant tutorial demonstrating what vivid imagination coupled with technical knowledge can achieve.
    I was amazed by what you could manage to do with this single moss layer, applying it to the street and the walls of the buildings. The same applies to the idea of wrapping the vine around the street pole.
    I wish I had not only your imagination but also your infinite patience with details.
    Looking forward for your next one…

    • Hi Serge I am so happy that you liked the tutorial, always love seeing your comments and really appreciate the support. Not sure what the next one will be yet but I will think of something (hopefully) Thanks again…Mike

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