Affinity Photo Composite- Lost at Sea

i everyone I hope you had a great start to 2023, I have my first tutorial now live for this new and exciting year. 

In this tutorial I make a composite I call lost at sea, using solid colour layers to set the mood of the picture. I think you will find some useful tips and techniques that you will be able to take and use in your own composites.

2 thoughts on “Affinity Photo Composite- Lost at Sea

  1. An excellent beginning for the new year. Hope many others will come: I am learning something everytime.

  2. Good morning (afternoon, evening) Michael. Another good’un. Having a
    small problem with the download of the spray. Two things. 1. The square
    bit on top left is missing 2. I can’t separate the three sprays. Help
    would be welcome. Thank you. Roger.

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