Affinity Photo Tutorial composite (Welcome to the Jungle)

Hi everyone new composite tutorial now live, Affinity Photo (welcome to the jungle)

This composite focuses on creating depth in your composites and shows you how to achieve this.

Also using exposure and bleeding modes to create highlights. I also show you how to create your own light rays to make you composite stand out. I hope you enjoy the tutorial


2 thoughts on “Affinity Photo Tutorial composite (Welcome to the Jungle)

  1. Many thanks for this tutorial which demonstrates extremely well the goal of the exercise: how to create depth of field.
    As usual, I admired your infinite patience with details. While I am not sure I possess it at the same degree, I am still practicing with your last video ” stranger things”, trying to give it a personal interpretation.
    Unfortunately, being presently in The Netherlands, I could not give you a thumb up for the last ones, nor buy you a coffee, since Google here demands that we connect ourselves first, which implies complicated procedure involving the use of a cell phone (my Canadian one, not operating in Europe). However, be sure that as soon as I am back in Canada, I make it a duty to compensate for the lost time,

    • Hi Serge the all good my friend I am just happy that you watch the Video’s and that you enjoy them. makes my day that I can help in some small way. I hope you are enjoying your time in the Netherlands, Take care care and see you in the comments again soon……Mike

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