Runner Up

City magazine

My First Published Photograph.

I entered Shoot the Cover competition for our Local City Magazine. Though I did not win, I was so happy that I was one of the runner ups and my photograph still featured in the magazine. Check out this link to see the winner

My Photograph is the Photograph of the FootBridge lower right hand corner.






20 thoughts on “Runner Up

      • Your work is very worthy of publication. I suggest making the rounds of your local publications to meet with art directors and picture editors for a portfolio showing. I have been retired for a few years, but I think it’s still done that way. Travel publications internationally I’m sure would like your images, and your local and national tourism boards.

      • Thank Mike you are to kind, this is something I will definitely look in to and pursue, Thanks again for your support its great to be able to have the feedback from someone who has so much experience. It is very much appreciated 📷

  1. Congratulations Mike 🙂
    Come along to O’Connell Street tomorrow afternoon/evening – four of us are painting mural designs on the fence of the old LeCornu’s site – you might get a good pic?

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