Nappers Ruins

Bamera Ruins Wacom Retouch

Napper’s Ruins

Riverland South Australia

Located on the north side of Lake Bonney, Napper’s Ruins once stood strong as a hotel built for former workers of Cobdogla Station. It was originally called Lake Bonney Hotel and consisted of 11 rooms that included a well stocked bar and an eating room that could cater for 12 people. The hotel is now nothing more than ruins and includes interpretive information around the site.
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13 thoughts on “Nappers Ruins

  1. I’ve seen on maps of Australia places referred to as “stations”. What is a station? This one looks desolate and I suspect it was rather desolate back in the day.

    • HI thanks for your wonderful comment, here is the definition of station in here in Australia.n Australia, a station is a large landholding used for livestock production. It corresponds to the North American term ranch or South American estancia. The owner of a station is called a grazier (which corresponds to the North American term rancher) or pastoralist.

      • I am not 100% sure but I think it may come from the old roman Stations of the Cursus where they had outpost’s or a station that there couriers used as rest stops from city to city.

      • That makes sense especially in such open country. Thanks again.

  2. Perfect framing and composition! This is a situation where a little to the left or right or a moment too late makes the difference between getting the shot or not. Nice capture.

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