Washington Street (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn Bridge Side Street

Washington St Manhattan is a great Street to get a unique Photograph of the  Manhattan Bridge. I think next time I visit New York I will have to go back for a night shot.

***update its seems i got my bridges mixed up and this is the  Manhattan Bridge not the Brooklyn Bridge as I previously stated **

Thanks https://mvschulze.wordpress.com/about/ for letting me know


13 thoughts on “Washington Street (Brooklyn)

  1. I often think of doing this same picture with various lens combinations. It is a magnificent contrast of structure in the city. (As a small correction, this would be the Manhattan Bridge, one span up from the Brooklyn Bridge.) M 🙂

    • Thanks for the correction I will fix straight away, don’t know how I got the two mixed up !, I will look forward to seeing what you do with your photo’s its such a great place just to roam around and find such interesting vies to photograph. Thanks again.

    • Hi Beth I think it is a fairly well know view, and i did a bit of recherché before we left to find places to photograph. Glad you liked it thanks again

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