Past and present collide

Adelaide City Street Scene


19 thoughts on “Antiquarian

  1. I sort of get a message here. It’s like the Ipad is glowing and teasing the all the books or rather the entire book collection itself. “He’s saying I contain more books than this Library”. And the guy he too prefers the Ipad,, hooked on to it actually. It’s great. Nice

    • Yes thank you, I thought it was ironic that a man is selling used books whilst sitting reading an iPad, I think it shows how the world is changing.
      Thank your for your wonderful Comment I appreciate it
      Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I have tried for about two years now to get used to my Nook! But there is still nothing like an actual book in your hands.

  3. The moment I saw this image I liked it. I am an absolute sucker for books, And antiques. This photo reminded me immediately of the Shakespeare & Co bookshop in Paris.

    • Thanks MK
      this a very small book shop in the corner of our local markets here in Adelaide very quaint
      Thanks for your great comment

  4. I suspect (or perhaps hope) that it’s like trying to find a used copy of Don Quixote. I looked for something like two years before I found it but is readily available to download on Either one can enhance the other. 🙂

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