Passing Time

The Alley


Adelaide City Street Scene

Around every corner down every Alley


20 thoughts on “Passing Time

    • Thanks Kathryn
      I will get back to the Landscapes at some point, but I have just bought the Fujifilm X100s and I am loving the street Photography at the moment. Its a big lerning curve and has grabbed my attendtion at the moment.
      Have a great week 🙂

      • I love it. Especially the man in the hat behind the iron. I was not being critical only remembering how I found your Blog and that I thought you lived in Brooklyn NY 🙂

      • Oh Kathryn I would never take it that way, you are one of my biggest supporters and I love the fact that you comment. I do remember reagarding NY I think alot of people get that immpresion. But alas just good old Brooklyn Park South Australia



      • NO I was much happier discovering you were so exotic!!!! Laughs 🙂

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