Jetty Re-worked

Jetty Reworked

Port Adelaide Jetty

Port Adelaide Jetty

This is one of my favorite Photographs, and I thought I would see what it looks like

re worked in Black & White.

I wanted to get a moodier picture and maybe a bit more dramatic.

I used Silver FX pro to process and add the grainy effect.

I wanted a pin Hole effect, darkening the edges,

drawing the eye straight down the Jetty then up in to the clouds.

Your Thoughts ?

About mikew66

Hi and welcome to my Blog, my name is Michael and I am a passionate Photographer and video vlogger. Please Follow and subscribe to my Blog and YouTube channel. I Live in Adelaide South Australia, I also do the occasional reviews, as I love new tech and gadgets. Photography: Instagram: YouTube here: Camera’s I use Canon G7X Canon & Eos M3 for vlogging Go Pro Hero 4 Silver XT1 for Photography Software Final Cut ProX LightRoom Nik
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61 Responses to Jetty Re-worked

  1. rayfausel says:

    Beautiful in black and white

  2. Mike I think it looks great in B&W. That NIK software does wonders. I like the color version as well. What would it look like after you played on it with NIK?

    • mikew66 says:

      Yes it has changed the way work I will have to try in the other Nik programs ! Thanks for your great comment Allen

  3. it looks great in B&W, more powerful this way. Great photo.

  4. kiwiskan says:

    and you succeeded

  5. johngevans13 says:

    My thought Mike is this is about as good as it gets. What a view and I believe you reached your goal…amazing!!!

    • mikew66 says:

      Thanks so much John for your very kind words,Its very encouraging to have such a great comment, I appreciate it a lot

      • johngevans13 says:

        I have noticed one of your shots Mike…can you please tell me, how can one introduce a trace of color (red), to a B&W composition?? I would be grateful if you could give me a clue. Thanks.

      • mikew66 says:

        Hi John
        all depends on what software you are using to Post process your images. I always find some great tutorials on you tube that can be followed along to. and you can find the tutorial for the software you are using.

        this one is for Photoshop

        This is one for Lightroom

        There are so many more

        Hope you can find the right one for you


      • johngevans13 says:

        Thanks very much Mike! I appreciate you friend!

      • mikew66 says:

        My pleasure
        It’s great to make so many friends here
        I am glad I could help

  6. sistasuga says:

    It’s already a great shot in color, and the black and white is spectacular! The mood is indeed dark and intriguing at the same time. I love it!

  7. Beautiful in black and white; very dramatic! But then one gets more detail in the color version; I was able to spot a seagull. I think they are both beautiful in their own different ways. It may depend on the message you are trying to convey with the photo? Thank you for posting both versions; very interesting!

    • mikew66 says:

      Thank you
      Its amazing how a photograph can be portrayed so many different ways as you say depending on the message the photographer is trying to send.
      Thanks for such a great comment


  8. I like it both ways. In b&w, it’s indeed moody, invoking almost ominous tones. The color version is lovely and wistful, like a childhood memory. Clearly, the gift is the strong composition. In the b&w version, the light and shadows does lead the eye down the pier.

    • mikew66 says:

      Thanks Bill
      its great to get the feedback especially from the amazing talents such as your self here on WordPress. and from what you have observed I achieved what i was trying to do.
      Thanks so much

  9. In colour, it gives off a peaceful and surreal vibe. In B&W, it is alluring and mysterious, daring one to proceed down the pier. Love both of them. 🙂

    • mikew66 says:

      Thank you
      I love what you said here describing Both Photographs thanks you so much fro such a great observation.

  10. navery101 says:

    Hard to select for they both work, but if I must choose…perhaps the color one, though I am a huge fan of blk and white

    • mikew66 says:

      Thank You
      I have leaned towards Black and White the last few months, May just be a phase !!
      Thanks for your great comment

  11. You know I love this photo….it is my favorite of yours. It will forever hold a poetic place in my heart now. I have stared at both and love them equally. Your talent is unmatched in my mind, Mike. Have a great weekend!!

  12. Mjollnir says:

    Wonderful stuff Mike 😀

  13. lauramacky says:

    I love it in B&W! Nice job!

  14. Mike I have to agree with Bill Jones, Jr. Your gift is your composition. Your color work is beautiful, but your black and white is simply stunning! Great work my friend. Jay

    • mikew66 says:

      Thanks so much Jay I guess it’s true what they say composition is everything, appreciate your great comment
      Thanks again

  15. photogwriter says:

    LOVE the b&w version.

  16. themofman says:

    Smashing shot, and I’m especially drawn to the light rays from the LCD lamps; stretching down and illuminating the boardwalk.

  17. Fantastic Mike! 🙂

  18. Stacey Moyse says:

    Stunning in black and white. It really changes the dimensions of the picture and draws your eyes in.

  19. robert87004 says:

    Illuminating the pier that is leading to an unknown horizon, one light pointing to a passing ship, one gull (?) flying into the light, leavng darkness behind, one gull in the light. All competing with the light shining within the clouds and on the horizon. We could find all sorts of symbolic messages in this photo if we wanted. What more could you possibly do? I think it’s awesome.

    • mikew66 says:

      Thanks Robert
      that is such an fantasic descripton and comment
      I Love the way you have comment on all the aspects of this Photograph it brings it to life
      Thank you so much.


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  22. I really like the B&W version of this image. Your treatment made it much more powerful and dramatic

  23. Martin Drury says:

    Fabulous photo, and thanks for liking my photo essay “Korora Sunrise”. I am now following you.

  24. themofman says:

    By far, much better.

  25. Prefer the B&W. Moodier. Challenging.

  26. B&W wins, no contest. So much more emotion and mood.

  27. Dawnasong says:

    You’re a great photographer!

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