Scene viewed from a fixed point

Looking at Life from a different Perspective,

sometime you just have to Turn Around, Look up or just get down

very low. Find a new way to look your environment.

50mm, F8.0,ISO400,1/50th of a second


14 thoughts on “Perspectivity

  1. Mike, I absolutely love this POV! It always amazes me that shots from down low often produce such interesting images. I do it more and more, and I’m often pleased with the results.

    This is a great shot 🙂

    • Thanks Shane
      I have to remind myself all the time to just stop and try to look at things from a completely different POV, and when it works its great.

      Thanks again Shane

  2. Great view! I have to admit though that looking at all those pant legs made me wonder if anyone presses their clothing these days! Lol. B&W shows off every wrinkle. Lol

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