Bridgewater Wheel Re worked

Bridgewater Wagon

This is the Old wagon that I shot last week now re worked

I used Lightroom  and then Silver Fx pro to convert into Black and White and really bring some fine detail to the Photograph.

To Take the Photograph

I used a 50mm at F2.5 to  get the background to just fade out and bring the attention  straight to the wheel.


13 thoughts on “Bridgewater Wheel Re worked

  1. I was out this past weekend and photographed a wagon wheel (well four), as well. I thought of yours from the other day. See…your photography inspires–it gives me ideas on what to look for! Thanks!!!! 🙂 I really love this one!

    • Yes its amazing the detail you can bring out just with a change to B&W though Silver FX pro certainly helps alot


      • I’m not a photographer myself but I so enjoy seeing the beautiful photos that talented folks like yourself share and learning how you do things. The technology and the talent is amazing!

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    • Thank you Dorothy
      Leanne has created a great community through Monochrome Madness and its great fun. Thank you for your wonderful comments


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