urban environment


My second attempt at Street Photography, and I Learnt a lot

Focusing and shutter speed very important, as I came home with quite a few blurry Photographs.

You have to be very quick or the moment escaped you, you have to be brave and and just go for it.

I did love it though so I will try again



Bowler Hat 2


12 thoughts on “urban environment

  1. Hi Mike, thanks for following my georgehoffman.com website. I love your street photos. I recall reading an article by a well known street photographer in one of my photo mags and he uses a D800 for its very high ISO, shoots in overcast weather from the window of his car using a beanbag cushion to steady the camera on a partially raised window and shootings in continuous shutter mode. He uses a fixed 50 mm lens and lets it focus as he drives down the street. Because the D800 has such high resolution, (I have one too), he can get back to the studio and crop pictures to his hearts content. He sets it at a very high ISO so it shoots 1/2000 to 1/5000 of a second and it prevents blur. He obviously isn’t looking through the camera as he drives!!! Just a suggestion on something to try…George

    • Thanks George that is a great Tip, as I only had my camera set to ISO 200 (D5100). So I will bump it up quite considerable next time as and see what I get.
      Its all about experimenting so I thank you for your very positive and encouraging comment.


  2. I have heard that street photographers often use ISO 800 and even 1600 at f8. This allows quick shutter speed and the ability to shoot from the hip rather than bringing the camera up to your eye. Great shots, looking forward to more.

    • Hi Beth Thank you
      I am still learning I have been using F8 at about 200-400 I was having trouble with the shutter speed and focus. So still experimenting,so will have to try at a higher ISO
      Thanks again


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