Crozier St

Crozier St Colour

Sunday walk around the Warehouse area of Port Adelaide.

Crozier St is one of those streets that has kept that old world charm.


Crozier St

Crozier St Elder

Crozier St 2


10 thoughts on “Crozier St

  1. Very nice series of images. I really like how you’ve focused on the lines and the geometric patterns. Although I’m traditionally a color oriented person, your b&ws really work for me.

  2. I’m the other way around, although the super blue sky on such an apparently cloudy day is a bit of a leap. No people visible, but if there were, the photos’ old-time atmosphere almost makes you imagine they would be wearing period clothing like bowler hats or something! (If you overlook the modern cars.) Neat pics!

    • Thanks Baghead Kelly
      Love your blog, and great to see another Adelaide Blogger Though I expect there is quite a few out there.


  3. I think we met once on the Urban Superway, putting up brackets for the drain pipes. Somehow we got onto digital photography and you asked me if I did bulb photography which I didn’t really know anything about at the time, I still don’t. However I still take photos and I’m still learning.

    • Thank Man it was great talking to you on the Urban Superway and I am sure that you can do anything that you want to. If you can putt up those brackets for the drain pipes you can do anything…….Nice taking to you

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