Willunga B&W

Wilunga Beach B&W Silhoutte

Port Willunga site of the Wreck Star of Greece

I wanted to try something a little different with this Photo, its a long exposure and I wanted to get this silhouette look.

I think it works quite well in B & W


44 thoughts on “Willunga B&W

    • Thank Allen, you are right the crop was a must for the sake of Composition. Thanks for your great comment

  1. I love it in black and white! Black and white photos when done well like this one are so dramatic and I love them. South Australia must be a beautiful place!

    • Hi Elaine thank you, South Australia does have some Beautiful Places as well as some very nice Wine. Hope you get to visit one day


      • It would be quite the trip from where I am but you never know. Actually it is more likely that my son will someday get there since he is working on a goal of reaching 6 of the 7 continents. 🙂

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      • Mike, thank you for the follow! I just saw!!! I really look forward to seeing more of your work!! Right now most of my work is flowers, but come Spring, ANYTHING Nature. I’ll be like a wild woman. GRIN! Though, I do admit, my strong point is flowers. I just LOVE them.
        xxoo, Amy

      • Its great to have a passion I think thats what brings out the best in us, and one thing leads to another. I will certainly follow with interest.

        Thanks again Amy


      • I am consumed by mine. I have more ideas on what next to photograph with my macro. Tomorrow I’ll be crawling in my neighbor’s gardens. LOL xxoo, Amy

  3. Great image Mike! I like that you’ve kept some structure in the clouds and still have that 10 stop effect with the water. Fab stuff. Cheers, k.

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  5. You’re spot on, it sure did work out well. Great job on the long exposure. That’s something that I definitely want to try soon.

    I discovered you through Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness post. I’m so happy she’s doing it. It’s starting to create such a great little community.

    Great blog!

    • Thank Shane that is great, Leanne certenley gives us the opertunity to reach others and showcase our work. Its a great thing that she does.I hope that you give Long exposure a go its very satisfying when you get it right. Thanks again for your great comment Shane its very appreciated


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