Renmark Dock

A few more Photographs around the Town of Renmark South Australia.

From Wikipedia

Renmark is a town in South Australia‘s rural Riverland area, and is located 254 km northeast of Adelaide, on the banks of the River Murray. The Sturt Highway between Adelaide and Sydney runs through the town; Renmark is the last major town encountered in South Australia when driving this route. It is 31 m above sea level. It is the oldest European settlement on the River Murray.[citation needed] At the 2011 census, Renmark had a population of 7,491.[1]

Renmark Moon

The Mighty Murray River

Renmark Rotunda

Jarrett Memorial Gardens Rotunda


33 thoughts on “Renmark

  1. Mike I love the first photo, perfect angle. Thanks. Do you realize you were one of the first to visit my blog? Didn’t know myself until today. Went back to see who visited first and you are 5th on the list. Thanks. Love your photography.

    • Thanks so much. Wow I did not know that must of been early last year when i first started my Blog. Love seeing your pictures and stories though

      Thanks again


      • Life is a blog. Then you wake up with the keyboard imprinted on your face and your computer died because of drool. Just kidding. Thanks. See you soon.

    • I am glad you stopped by, I really appreciate it and thank you for your comment its great to get feedback

      Thanks again


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  3. What was the light source on the trees in the first shot? I think that’s an under-appreciated image, and I see so much more potential there.

    • Yes this was one of my earlier images and getting used to the camera. Can not really remember the light source, may of even been added in lightroom !

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