Port Adelaide Jetty

Cold wind blows

Chills to the bone

Shelter sought

None found

Skin pallor

Lips blue

Body shivers


None found





37 thoughts on “Katabatic

    • My Pleasure The water drops with the reflections are amazing so I enjoyed browsing
      Thanks for your great comment


    • Not sure all I know today was just freezing and the wind cut straight through you.

      Definitely good weather for Penguins
      Thanks for your great comment

    • Sure is I got caught in the rain yesterday taking the photo had to run for it. Our dog Millie was with me and she was not impressed.

      The things we do for a photo

  1. Stunning Photo!! Such Sad and Lonely words…. I enjoyed this very much! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talent and continuing to inspire me!

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