Mall’s Balls

Mall's Balls

Mirror Image

Objects collide

Illusion optical

Inner world

Looking in


Looking back

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The Spheres by Bert Flugelman; two large stainless steel spheres with a diameter of 2.15 metres balanced one on top of the other. They are most commonly referred to as the Mall’s Balls orRundle Mall balls. “The Mall’s Balls” are a common meeting place for visitors.[3] Erected in 1977, they were commissioned by the then Hindmarsh Building Society (subsequently absorbed into the Adelaide Bank) and donated to the City of Adelaide to mark the building society’s 1977 centenary.[4]


23 thoughts on “Mall’s Balls

  1. Nice shot Mike. Yes, the Balls and the Pigs also, are good meeting places. Back in the dark ages, it was Beehive Corner 🙂 Way before it became a Mall….
    Long time since I’ve been there now tho….
    Did you know that someone once galloped a horse down Rundle street? 🙂

    • No I did not know about the Horse, how spectacular !
      Looks like you know Adelaide pretty well though


    • Thank You
      I think it helped that I had a nice cloudy day for good effect.

      I appreciate your very kind comment

      • Since I know squat about he subtle nuances of photography I will take your word on that one! I just enjoy being able to see and appreciate the work of others that is not in my repertoire. ~DivineChaos

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