The Marines

The Marines Grange -3


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The Marines Grange-1

The Marines Grange -4

The Marines Grange-2

Grange Jetty-1

The View From The Marines

If you are ever in Adelaide take a trip down to Grange Jetty, from there you will see these wonderfully restored Terrace Houses

I have always loved these houses as they remind me of England.

(The year the Marines were constructed, 1882, was the peak of the land boom in Adelaide

The terrace of houses is of architectural significance because it was designed in the grand style of similar buildings at English seaside resorts and has a rarity value as one of the few remaining three-storied terrace houses in South Australia.)


26 thoughts on “The Marines

  1. Hey, I nominated you for a Shine On Award. You can find the requirements through my blog post.

  2. Hi Mike – These are wonderful. There is a beautiful group of 3 storey terraces in Drummond St Carlton which I often walk by and some bluestone terraces in Geelong which we saw just recently – not as ornate but very stately and with a similar aspect close to the sea. Wouldn’t it be nice for a little more low rise development like this rather than the very bland blocks being foisted on us by developers these days?

    • Yes I totally agree we seem to have forgotten how beautiful buildings can be, everything now just seems to be concrete squares.
      Thanks for such a great comment


  3. Was hoping to get to Adelaide on my last trip to Australia, earlier this year – but didn’t make it – again! Grange jetty looks wonderful, Mike. 🙂

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