Light seeps through

White drifts in

Small droplets


 Not obscure

Density defined






I decided to go for a short walk along Winters Rd in Williamstown very early just before the sun was about to come up.

Williamstown is a small South Australian town on the fringe of the Barossa Valley wine-growing region and the Adelaide Hills. It is 51 km north east of Adelaide


42 thoughts on “Translucidus

  1. Hey you are close to my neck of the woods. Love the pics and the lifestyles very relaxed. The fog lately has been incredible

    • Thanks Bee
      Yes we had a family birthday big bonfire, it was great freezing cold but all worth it

  2. Beautiful shots, there is nothing like seeing a photo where the photographer has worked with the fog to make something special…not easy to do! All shots are nice, but the first one is powerful. Cheers!

  3. Good morning, Mike. What a collection of spectacular shots you have here. I love the fog. Thank you for sharing. Best regards, ~Scott

    • It was just beautiful and the fog just makes it that more interesting
      Thank for your comment

  4. Great shots! Especially the fourth one is amazing! The balance of lights and shadows in the composition is perfect. Keep up the good work!

  5. I’ll just join into the already page of accolades. I really like your captures that are for anyone to take the time to just sit and view the Colour, depth….a whole bunch of other excited words… and mood.

  6. Fog holds such mystery. I love what you’ve captured, here! Thanks for visiting my posts, as well. It’s great to share things all the way across the globe!

    • Thanks Pam
      I enjoyed looking at your photos, and Yes I really get a kick out of hearing from people on the other side of the globe. Its what makes blogging so addictive

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