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Present and Future

Time fades




(Adelaide City secret discovery Compton St. Edited Gimp 2.8)

(Copied from the plaque  on the Building)

This small building was originally built as a house

By Edward Moore in 1871. A shopfront was added by the next owner,

baker Mathew Madge, in 1898-99.

Bert Edwards, one of Adelaide’s most colourful and notable citizens,

opened a tea room here in 1913.

It was immensely popular, particularly on Friday nights when the rear of the shop was used for the playing the then illegal game of two-up.


27 thoughts on “repurpose

    • Thank you Jayde-Ashe its amazing what you see when you go for a walk in your own city. Lots of little treasures to find.
      Thanks for your kind comment

    • Thank you
      I thinks its wonderful when we get a glimpse of history really makes you wonder what life was like back then
      thanks for your comment

    • Wow that is fantastic, I saw it when I went to the Central markets and I new I had to bring my camera back the very next day

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