Visible Light

Stone Steps

Life’s journey

First Step

Light shows the way

Path clear

Take the step

It Begins

(Torrens River Bank Adelaide, Edited Gimp 2.8)


28 thoughts on “Visible Light

    • Thank you Bill I spent a bit of time j trying enhance the natural light so i am happy that it worked and that you liked it. Thanks again


  1. Love it…just got done talking about this in my last post. Just beautiful work with light, and catching rays is not an easy thing (especially to do it well).

    • Thank You
      I appeciate your comment very much. Your Photography is amazing and I am loving your blog

  2. What’s at the top, is what I find myself asking. I like the edge of light on the stairs, and it shining on the rock wall (makes me think of foundations, solid) and the rays, beautiful. Nice Gimp work. Good day to you ~Scott

    • Thanks Scott
      I have just recently discovered Gimp so I am trying to learn as much as possible watching tuturiols. I am glad you liked it

    • Thank You
      Not sure about the popular must spend to much time on here..LOL
      Thanks again for the great comments and Likes

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