Are you continuous

Your energy defined

Discrete in variation

Transition different



I can not take your measurement

You are


(Henley Beach South Australia)


19 thoughts on “Quantitative

  1. What a fabulous picture , laying down I imagine? Was this a vacation. I just assumed you lived in Brooklyn 🙂

    • Hi Kathryn
      No I live in Adelaide South Australia, the suburb I live in is Brooklyn, I can see where people would be confused though. And yes you are on the money I was laying down foe this image. Glad you liked it

      • Wow, I always just though you drove to the ocean on Long Island, New York. So fun to learn where you are from! Thanks Mike!

        Adds a new dimension!

      • Yeh I do get a kick out if talking to people on the other side of the world


    • Thats Great if you are in the henley area make sure you stop in at Joe’s Kiosk best coffee in Adelaide.
      hope it all works out


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