42 thoughts on “Millie

  1. After a long day, opened up my “Reader” and your sweet Millie was the first thing I saw. Made me instantly smile. I am sure my dog Mac would be in love if he saw her picture…but he is too busy sleeping…again.

    • Thank You
      I am happy she brought you some joy. She makes us smile everyday. I am sure she would love to play with mac as she is very sociable

      Thanks again for you beautiful comment


    • You would be Surprised how many times we get stoped at the beach and asked were we got Millie from
      She is so Cute


    • Spoodle
      cross between Poodle and cockerspanial
      anyway thats the breed here in Australia and yes very cute and lovable just loves children and being around people in general also very placid

      Thanks for you kind comment


    • Yes she is our best buddy and she certainly rules the house. Thanks for your lovley comment


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