Henley Beach


Interaction inevitable


Evolution of elements

adaptability spontaneous

Conscious and spiritual


(Henley Beach edited Photoshop slight exposure and colour adjustments)


16 thoughts on “Emergence

  1. How I wish I could be there right now. It looks like some of the post card very dear Australian friend of mine sends often … I like the waves, we don’t get waves here, the sea is mostly calm and if there is windy weather is more like disturbed and wrinkly surfaces, trying to swirl around the air …

    • Thank You
      We get those very calm days as well but when a storm is coming the waves are incredible to see


  2. Thanks for dropping by – I’ve just been looking at some of your photos, and I love them. I’ll be following your blog with interest

  3. The layers of sand,sea and sky are like three portraits of very distinct individuals. A beautiful shot full of energy and elemental grandeur.

  4. I love ocean views, but this one makes you feel a bit nervous. Where water and land meet can be a treacherous place. Nice shot.

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