The start of one journey the end of another


Are we there yet ?

Are we EVER !!

(I took this picture on holidays in England and I love the shadow on the road)

 (image edited using Photoshop)


11 thoughts on “Thoroughfare

    • Hi Jennie
      I just kept it simple using the filter and a small amout of Hue and Saturation adjustment
      Thanks for your question


    • Thank You Tina thats means a lot from someone with your talent
      Thanks You agin for your very nice comment

  1. Your photograph looks like a painting and that “long road” captures my attention. “To me, roads, have always been meaningful. They either take you somewhere or bring you back home again; and then there are others are just visited and remembered.”

    • Thank you that is a very kind comment, its nice to see some of my older posts are still being looked at

      Thanks again


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