Travel Smart


Best Time to Fly

Holiday Makers usually fly on weekends, and business travellers prefer to fly on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually quieter and these are the days you will find the cheaper airfares. Also you will find the Airport is not as busy, and you will find shorter queues and less congestion

Check in at Home

If you have access to a computer and the internet, check in online and get your seat allocation. Most airlines let you check in at least 24 Hours before your flight. This is another time saver at the airport especially if you don’t have any luggage to check-in.

Your Smartphone

Download your airline’s app before you fly, you can check-in using your phone get late gate changes, and flight status updates, get all the information you used to have to line up to ask the agent for. A great time saver.

Take an empty water bottle

Take an empty water bottle you can fill it up once you are through security. Most airports have water fountains that you can fill up and stay hydrated, and you will save $5 to $6 bucks on those airport prices for a bottle of water.

Carry a small pack of Anti-bacterial wipes

Believe me those trays on the aircraft do not get cleaned that often, and some of the things passengers use them for defies belief, so a small packet of wipes in your carry on will come in very useful not just on the plane but for hotels and wherever else you think needs a wipe down

Choose an aisle seat (my personal preference)

I like the access for a quick escape on arrival, and being able to get up and go to the bathroom when I need to is well worth it. I am willing to put up with, occasional bump and having to stand up to let other’s out for this little bit of freedom. In the end it all comes down to personnel preference though, and I know some people just cannot pass up the window seat for that great view.

Meal Service

Meals will vary widely in quality and quantity depending on the airline and class you tarvel in. They will range from a simple snack domestic economy class to gourmet meal in long haul first class. Most airlines will not cater for everyone to have the same meal though, as they bank on people making different choices. Sitting further forward in the economy cabin will give you a better chance to get your first choice

Always be polite

Be polite, a smile and a thank you goes a long way when you travel, showing patience and being considerate and helpful will not only make other’s feel good but you will feel good as well, and we all know a happy traveler is a good traveler.

See You At The Airport



2 thoughts on “Travel Smart

  1. Totally agree with your seat preference! I used to go for the window seat for the view but now I tend of fall asleep before the taxi out… I prefer the convenience of being able to stand up whenever especially for trans-oceanic flights.

    • It makes a big diffrence knowing you can get up whenever ypu want to
      Thanks for your comment


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